48 CFR § 1480.403 - Deviations.

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1480.403 Deviations.

There are certain instances where the application of the Buy Indian Act to an acquisition may not be appropriate. In these instances, the Contracting Officer must detail the reasons in writing and make a deviation determination.

(a) Sole source acquisitions awarded to an ISBEE or IEE under 1480.401(c)(2) or (d)(2) do not require a deviation determination and comply with the requirements of the Buy Indian Act.

(b) Some acquisitions by their very nature would make such a written determination unnecessary. The following acquisitions do not require a written deviation from the requirements of the Buy Indian Act:

(1) Any sole source acquisition justified and approved in accordance with FAR 6.3 and DIAR 1406.3 constitutes an authorized deviation from the requirements of the Buy Indian Act.

(2) Any order or call placed against an indefinite delivery vehicle that already has an approved deviation from the requirements of the Buy Indian Act.

(c) Deviation determinations are required for all other acquisitions where the Buy Indian Act is applicable and must be approved as follows:

Table 1 to Paragraph (c)

For a proposed contract action The following official may authorize a deviation
Up to $25,000 CO.
Exceeding $25,000 but not exceeding $700,000 One level above the CO or Chief of the Contracting Office (CCO) (or the IA Competition Advocate, absent a CCO).
Exceeding $700,000 but not exceeding $13.5 million IA Competition Advocate.
Exceeding $13.5 million but not exceeding $57 million The Head of the Contracting Activity or a designee who is a civilian serving in a position in a grade above GS–15 under the General Schedule or in a comparable or higher position under another schedule.
Exceeding $57 million Department of the Interior Senior Procurement Executive.

(d) Deviations may be authorized prior to issuing the solicitation when the CO makes the following determinations and takes the following actions:

(1) The CO determines after market research that there is no reasonable expectation of obtaining offers that will be competitive in terms of market price, quality, and delivery from two or more responsible ISBEE, IEEs, or direct negotiation with an IEE that is a certified 8a business.

(2) The deviation determination is authorized by the official listed at 1480.403(c) for the applicable contract action.

(e) If a deviation determination has been approved, the CO must follow the FAR and DIAR unless specified otherwise.

(f) Acquisitions made under an authorized deviation from the requirements of the Buy Indian Act must be made in conformance with the order of precedence required by FAR 8.002.