48 CFR § 1852.237-72 - Access to Sensitive Information.

1852.237-72 Access to Sensitive Information.

As prescribed in 1837.203-72(a), insert the following clause:

Access to Sensitive Information (JUN 2005)

(a) As used in this clause, “sensitive information” refers to information that a contractor has developed at private expense, or that the Government has generated that qualifies for an exception to the Freedom of Information Act, which is not currently in the public domain, and which may embody trade secrets or commercial or financial information, and which may be sensitive or privileged.

(b) To assist NASA in accomplishing management activities and administrative functions, the Contractor shall provide the services specified elsewhere in this contract.

(c) If performing this contract entails access to sensitive information, as defined above, the Contractor agrees to—

(1) Utilize any sensitive information coming into its possession only for the purposes of performing the services specified in this contract, and not to improve its own competitive position in another procurement.

(2) Safeguard sensitive information coming into its possession from unauthorized use and disclosure.

(3) Allow access to sensitive information only to those employees that need it to perform services under this contract.

(4) Preclude access and disclosure of sensitive information to persons and entities outside of the Contractor's organization.

(5) Train employees who may require access to sensitive information about their obligations to utilize it only to perform the services specified in this contract and to safeguard it from unauthorized use and disclosure.

(6) Obtain a written affirmation from each employee that he/she has received and will comply with training on the authorized uses and mandatory protections of sensitive information needed in performing this contract.

(7) Administer a monitoring process to ensure that employees comply with all reasonable security procedures, report any breaches to the Contracting Officer, and implement any necessary corrective actions.

(d) The Contractor will comply with all procedures and obligations specified in its Organizational Conflicts of Interest Avoidance Plan, which this contract incorporates as a compliance document.

(e) The nature of the work on this contract may subject the Contractor and its employees to a variety of laws and regulations relating to ethics, conflicts of interest, corruption, and other criminal or civil matters relating to the award and administration of government contracts. Recognizing that this contract establishes a high standard of accountability and trust, the Government will carefully review the Contractor's performance in relation to the mandates and restrictions found in these laws and regulations. Unauthorized uses or disclosures of sensitive information may result in termination of this contract for default, or in debarment of the Contractor for serious misconduct affecting present responsibility as a government contractor.

(f) The Contractor shall include the substance of this clause, including this paragraph (f), suitably modified to reflect the relationship of the parties, in all subcontracts that may involve access to sensitive information.

(End of clause)
[80 FR 43032, July 21, 2015, as amended at 80 FR 61994, Oct. 15, 2015]