48 CFR § 227.7005 - Indirect notice of patent infringement claims.

227.7005 Indirect notice of patent infringement claims.

(a) A communication by a patent owner to a Department of Defense contractor alleging that the contractor has committed acts of infringement in performance of a Government contract shall not be considered a claim within the meaning of 227.7004 until it meets the requirements specified therein.

(b) Any Department receiving an allegation of patent infringement which meets the requirements of 227.7004 shall acknowledge the same and supply the other Departments (see 227.7004(c)) which may have an interest therein with a copy of such communication and the acknowledgement thereof.

(c) If a communication covering an infringement claim or notice which does not meet the requirements of 227.7004(a) is received from a contractor, the patent owner shall be advised in writing as covered by the instructions of 227.7004(d).