48 CFR § 4.1103 - Procedures.

4.1103 Procedures.

(a) Unless the acquisition is exempt under 4.1102(a), the contracting officer—

(1) Shall verify that the offeror or quoter is registered in SAM (see paragraph (b) of this section) at the time an offer or quotation is submitted;

(2) Should use the unique entity identifier to verify SAM registration—

(i) Via https://www.sam.gov; or

(ii) As otherwise provided by agency procedures; or

(3) Need not verify SAM registration before placing an order or call if the contract or agreement includes the clause at 52.204-13, System for Award Management Maintenance, or a similar agency clause, except when use of the Governmentwide commercial purchase card is contemplated as a method of payment. (See 32.1108(b)(2).)

(b) If the contract action is being awarded in accordance with 4.1102(a)(5), the contractor is required to be registered in SAM within 30 days after contract award, or at least three days prior to submission of the first invoice, whichever occurs first.

(c) Agencies shall protect against improper disclosure of information contained in SAM.

(d) The contracting officer shall, on contractual documents transmitted to the payment office, provide the unique entity identifier, or, if applicable, the Electronic Funds Transfer indicator, in accordance with agency procedures.

83 FR 48695, Sept. 26, 2018, as amended at 86 FR 61020, Nov. 4, 2021; 87 FR 24844, Apr. 26, 2022]