48 CFR ยง 4.801 - General.

4.801 General.

(a) The head of each office performing contracting, contract administration, or paying functions shall establish files containing the records of all contractual actions.

(b) The documentation in the files (see 4.803) shall be sufficient to constitute a complete history of the transaction for the purpose of -

(1) Providing a complete background as a basis for informed decisions at each step in the acquisition process;

(2) Supporting actions taken;

(3) Providing information for reviews and investigations; and

(4) Furnishing essential facts in the event of litigation or congressional inquiries.

(c) The files to be established include -

(1) A file for cancelled solicitations;

(2) A file for each contract; and

(3) A file such as a contractor general file, containing documents relating, for example, to -

(i) No specific contract;

(ii) More than one contract; or

(iii) The contractor in a general way (e.g., contractor's management systems, past performance, or capabilities).

[48 FR 42113, Sept. 19, 1983, as amended at 84 FR 19841, May 6, 2019]