48 CFR ยง 5.401 - General.

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5.401 General.

(a) A high level of business security must be maintained in order to preserve the integrity of the acquisition process. When it is necessary to obtain information from potential contractors and others outside the Government for use in preparing Government estimates, contracting officers shall ensure that the information is not publicized or discussed with potential contractors.

(b) Contracting officers may make available maximum information to the public, except information -

(1) On plans that would provide undue or discriminatory advantage to private or personal interests;

(2) Received in confidence from an offeror;

(3) Otherwise requiring protection under Freedom of Information Act (see subpart 24.2) or Privacy Act (see subpart 24.1); or

(4) Pertaining to internal agency communications (e.g., technical reviews, contracting authority or other reasons, or recommendations referring thereto).

(c) This policy applies to all Government personnel who participate directly or indirectly in any stage of the acquisition cycle.