48 CFR ยง 5.404-1 - Release procedures.

5.404-1 Release procedures.

(a) Application. The agency head, or a designee, may release long-range acquisition estimates if the information will -

(1) Assist industry in its planning and facilitate meeting the acquisition requirements;

(2) Not encourage undesirable practices (e.g., attempts to corner the market or hoard industrial materials); and

(3) Not indicate the existing or potential mobilization of the industry as a whole.

(b) Conditions. The agency head shall ensure that -

(1) Classified information is released through existing security channels in accordance with agency security regulations;

(2) The information is publicized as widely as practicable to all parties simultaneously by any of the means described in this part;

(3) Each release states that -

(i) The estimate is based on the best information available;

(ii) The information is subject to modification and is in no way binding on the Government; and

(iii) More specific information relating to any individual item or class of items will not be furnished until the proposed action is synopsized through the GPE or the solicitation is issued;

(4) Each release contains the name and address of the contracting officer that will process the acquisition;

(5) Modifications to the original release are publicized as soon as possible, in the same manner as the original; and

(6) Each release -

(i) Is coordinated in advance with small business, public information, and public relations personnel, as appropriate;

(ii) Contains, if applicable, a statement that small business set-asides may be involved, but that a determination can be made only when acquisition action is initiated; and

(iii) Contains the name or description of the item, and the estimated quantity to be acquired by calendar quarter, fiscal year, or other period. It may also contain such additional information as the number of units last acquired, the unit price, and the name of the last supplier.

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