48 CFR 6101.23 - Briefs and memoranda of law [Rule 23].

6101.23 Briefs and memoranda of law [Rule 23].

(a)Form and content of briefs and memoranda of law. Briefs and memoranda of law shall be on standard size 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper. They shall be double-spaced with text in the body and in the footnotes no smaller than 12 point. Otherwise, no particular form or organization is prescribed. The presiding judge may request prehearing and posthearing briefs and may also request, at any point in the proceedings, memoranda of law. Prehearing and posthearing briefs should, at a minimum, succinctly set forth:

(1) The facts of the case with citations to those places in the record where supporting evidence can be found; and

(2) Argument with citations to supporting legal authorities.

(b)Submission of posthearing briefs. Except as the Board may otherwise order, posthearing briefs shall be filed 30 calendar days after the Board's receipt of the transcript; reply briefs, if filed, shall be filed 15 calendar days after the parties' receipt of the initial posthearing briefs. The Board will notify the parties of the date of its receipt of the transcript. In the event one party has elected a hearing and the other party has elected to submit its case on the record pursuant to 6101.19 (Rule 19), the filing of record submissions in the form of briefs shall be governed by 6101.23 (Rule 23).

[ 72 FR 36795, July 5, 2007, as amended at 73 FR 26951, May 12, 2008]