48 CFR 6101.30 - Award of fees and other expenses [Rule 30].

6101.30 Award of fees and other expenses [Rule 30].

(a)Applications for fees and other expenses. An appropriate party in a proceeding before the Board may apply for an award of fees and other expenses, including if applicable an award of attorney fees, under the Equal Access to Justice Act, 5 U.S.C. 504, or any other provision that may entitle that party to such an award, subsequent to the Board's decision in the proceeding. Until it issues a decision, the Board will not consider a request for fees and other expenses.

(b)Time for filing. A party seeking an award may submit an application no later than 30 calendar days after a final disposition in the underlying appeal. The Board's decision becomes final (for purposes of 6101.30 [Rule 30]) when it is not appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit within the time permitted for appeal or, if the decision is appealed, when the time for petitioning the Supreme Court for certiorari has expired. An application for fees or other expenses may not be filed before the Board's decision is final; a request for fees or other expenses made before the Board's decision is final does not constitute an application.

(c)Application requirements. An application for fees and other expenses shall:

(1) Identify the applicant and the appeal for which fees and other expenses are sought, and the amount being sought;

(2) Establish that all applicable prerequisites for an award have been satisfied, including a succinct statement of why the applicant is eligible for an award of fees and other expenses;

(3) Be accompanied by an exhibit fully documenting any fees or expenses being sought, including the cost of any study, analysis, engineering report, test, project, or similar matter. The date and a description of all services rendered or costs incurred shall be submitted for each professional firm or individual whose services are covered by the application, showing the hours spent in connection with the proceeding by each individual, a description of the particular services performed by specific date, the rate at which each fee has been computed, any expenses for which reimbursement is sought, and the total amount paid or payable by the applicant. Except in exceptional circumstances, all exhibits supporting applications for fees or expenses sought shall be publicly available. The Board may require the applicant to provide vouchers, receipts, or other substantiation for any fees and other expenses claimed and/or to submit to an audit by the Government of the claimed fees and other expenses;

(4) Be signed by the applicant or an authorized officer, employee, or attorney of the applicant;

(5) Contain or be accompanied by a written verification under oath or affirmation, or declaration under penalty of perjury, that the information provided in the application is true and correct;

(6) If the applicant asserts that it is a qualifying small business concern, contain evidence thereof; and

(7) If the application requests reimbursement of attorney fees that exceed the statutory rate, explain why an increase in the cost of living or a special factor, such as the limited availability of qualified attorneys for the proceedings involved, justifies such fees.


(1) Within 30 calendar days after receipt by the respondent of an application under 6101.30 (Rule 30), the respondent may file an answer. The answer shall explain in detail any objections to the award requested and set out the legal and factual bases supporting the respondent's position. If the respondent contends that any fees for consultants or expert witnesses for which reimbursement is sought in the application exceed the highest rate of compensation for expert witnesses paid by the agency, the respondent shall include in the answer evidence of such highest rate.

(2) Further proceedings shall be held only by order of the Board and only when necessary for full and fair resolution of the issues arising from the application. Such proceedings shall be minimized to the extent possible and shall not include relitigation of the case on the merits. A request that the Board order further proceedings under 6101.30 (Rule 30) shall describe the disputed issues and explain why additional proceedings are necessary to resolve those issues.

(e)Decision. Any award ordered by the Board shall be paid pursuant to 6101.31 (Rule 31).

[ 72 FR 36795, July 5, 2007, as amended at 73 FR 26952, May 12, 2008]
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