48 CFR § 652.232-70 - Payment Schedule and Invoice Submission (Fixed-Price).

652.232-70 Payment Schedule and Invoice Submission (Fixed-Price).

As prescribed in 632.908(a), the contracting officer may insert a clause substantially the same as follows:

Payment Schedule and Invoice Submission (Fixed-Price) (AUG 1999)

(a) General. The Government shall pay the contractor as full compensation for all work required, performed and accepted under this contract, inclusive of all costs and expenses, the firm fixed-price stated in Section B of this contract.

[Use paragraph (b) only if partial payments apply. Otherwise, paragraph (a) above assumes the contractor will be paid in full amount upon completion of all contractural requirements.]

(b) Payment Schedule. Payments will be made in accordance with the following partial payment schedule:

Partial payment No. Specific deliverable Delivery date Payment amount
[Continue as necessary]

(c) Invoice Submission. Invoices shall be submitted in an original and [contracting officer insert appropriate number of copies] to the office identified in Block 10 of the SF-26, Block 23 of the SF-33, or Block 18b of the SF-1449. To constitute a proper invoice, the invoice must include all items per FAR 52.232-25, “Prompt Payment”.

(d) Contractor Remittance Address. Payment shall be made to the contractor's address as specified on the cover page of this contract, unless a separate remittance address is specified below:

(End of clause)
[59 FR 66771, Dec. 28, 1994, as amended at 64 FR 43633, Aug. 11, 1999]

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