48 CFR ยง 9905.501-30 - Definitions.

9905.501-30 Definitions.

(a) The following are definitions of terms which are prominent in this Standard. Other terms defined elsewhere in this chapter 99 shall have the meanings ascribed to them in those definitions unless paragraph (b) of this subsection requires otherwise.

(1) Accumulating costs means the collecting of cost data in an organized manner, such as through a system of accounts.

(2) Actual cost means an amount determined on the basis of cost incurred (as distinguished from forecasted cost), including standard cost properly adjusted for applicable variance.

(3) Estimating costs means the process of forecasting a future result in terms of cost, based upon information available at the time.

(4) Indirect cost pool means a grouping of incurred costs identified with two or more objectives but not identified specifically with any final cost objective.

(5) Pricing means the process of establishing the amount or amounts to be paid in return for goods or services.

(6) Proposal means any offer or other submission used as a basis for pricing a contract, contract modification or termination settlement or for securing payments thereunder.

(7) Reporting costs means the providing of cost information to others.

(b) The following modifications of terms defined elsewhere in this chapter 99 are applicable to this Standard: None.