49 CFR § 1.86 - The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

§ 1.86 The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Is responsible for:

(a) Managing program and regulatory activities, including administering laws and promulgating and enforcing regulations on safety matters relating to motor carrier safety;

(b) Carrying out motor carrier registration and authority to regulate household goods transportation;

(c) Developing strategies for improving commercial motor vehicle, operator, and carrier safety and administering grants to implement these strategies;

(d) Inspecting records and equipment of commercial motor carriers, and investigating accidents and reporting violations of motor carrier safety regulations;

(e) Carrying out research, development, and technology transfer activities to promote safety of operation and equipment of motor vehicles for the motor carrier transportation program; and

(f) Carrying out an effective communications and outreach program which includes providing relevant safety data to the public.