49 CFR § 1.98 - The Research and Innovative Technology Administration.

§ 1.98 The Research and Innovative Technology Administration.

Is responsible for:

(a) Coordinating, facilitating, and reviewing the Department's research and development programs and activities, except as related to NHTSA;

(b) After consultation with Operating Administration and OST offices, making recommendations to the Secretary on all Operating Administration and OST research budgets;

(c) Providing leadership on technical, navigation, communication, and systems engineering activities, and spectrum management on behalf of the civil and civilian PNT communities;

(d) Directing and administering university transportation research grants;

(e) In coordination with FHWA, NHTSA, and FMCSA, conducting vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure research;

(f) Advancing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) research and deployment of real-time multi-modal travel information for travelers, carriers, and public agencies;

(g) Providing oversight of the activities of the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, the ITS Joint Program Office, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, and the Transportation Safety Institute; and

(h) Providing technical support to advance the mission of the Secretary's Safety Council.

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