49 CFR § 10.77 - Services performed without charge.

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§ 10.77 Services performed without charge.

(a) No fee is charged for time spent in searching for records or reviewing or preparing correspondence related to records subject to this part.

(b) No fee is charged for documents furnished in response to:

(1) A request from an employee or former employee of the Department for copies of personnel records of the employee;

(2) A request from a Member of Congress for official use;

(3) A request from a State, territory, U.S. possession, county or municipal government, or an agency thereof;

(4) A request from a court that will serve as a substitute for the personal court appearance of an officer or employee of the Department;

(5) A request from a foreign government or an agency thereof, or an international organization.

(c) Documents are furnished without charge or at a reduced charge, if the Chief Information Officer or the Administrator concerned, as the case may be, determines that waiver or reduction of the fee is in the public interest, because furnishing the information can be considered as primarily benefiting the general public.

(d) When records are maintained in computer-readable form rather than human-readable form, one printed copy is made available which has been translated to human-readable form without a charge for translation but in accordance with § 10.75(g), regarding computer line-printed charges.

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