49 CFR § 107.504 - Period of registration, updates, and record retention.

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§ 107.504 Period of registration, updates, and record retention.

(a) Registration will be for a maximum of six years from the date of the original registration.

(b) Any correspondence with the Department must contain the registrant's name and registration number.

(c) A registration must be renewed every six years or within thirty days of reissuance of an ASME or National Board Certification, whichever occurs first, by submitting an up-to-date registration statement containing the information prescribed by § 107.503. Any person initially registered under the provisions of § 107.502 and who is in good standing is eligible for renewal.

(d) A registrant shall provide written notification to the Department within thirty days of any of the following occurrences:

(1) Any change in the registration information submitted under § 107.503;

(2) Replacement of the person responsible for compliance with the requirements in § 107.503(a)(4). If this occurs, the registrant shall resubmit the required certification;

(3) Loss of ASME or National Board Certificate of Authorization; or

(4) A change in function; such as, from assembly to manufacture, an addition of a function, or a change to the types of inspections, tests or certifications of cargo tanks or cargo tank motor vehicles.

(e) Each registrant shall maintain a current copy of the registration information submitted to the Department and a current copy of the registration number identification received from the Department at the location identified in § 107.503(a)(2) during such time the person is registered with the Department and for two years thereafter.

(f) The issuance of a registration number under this subpart is not an approval or endorsement by the Department of the qualifications of any person to perform the specified functions.

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