49 CFR § 107.713 - Approval modification, suspension or termination.

§ 107.713 Approval modification, suspension or termination.

(a) The Associate Administrator may modify an approval on finding that -

(1) Modification is necessary to conform an existing approval to relevant statutes and regulations as they may be amended from time to time; or

(2) Modification is required by changed circumstances to enable the approval to continue to meet the standards of § 107.709(d).

(b) The Associate Administrator may modify, suspend or terminate an approval, as appropriate, on finding that -

(1) Because of a change in circumstances, the approval no longer is needed or no longer would be granted if applied for;

(2) The application contained inaccurate or incomplete information, and the approval would not have been granted had the application been accurate and complete;

(3) The application contained deliberately inaccurate or incomplete information; or

(4) The holder knowingly has violated the terms of the approval or an applicable requirement of this chapter in a manner demonstrating lack of fitness to conduct the activity for which the approval is required.

(c) Except as provided in paragraph (d) of this section, before an approval is modified, suspended or terminated, the Associate Administrator notifies the holder in writing of the proposed action and the reasons for it, and provides an opportunity to show cause why the proposed action should not be taken.

(1) The holder may file a written response with the Associate Administrator within 30 days of receipt of notice of the proposed action.

(2) After considering the holder's or party's written response, or after 30 days have passed without response since receipt of the notice, the Associate Administrator notifies the holder in writing of the final decision with a brief statement of reasons.

(d) The Associate Administrator, if necessary to avoid a risk of significant harm to persons or property, may in the notification declare the proposed action immediately effective.

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