49 CFR § 110.50 - Disbursement of grant funds.

§ 110.50 Disbursement of grant funds.

(a) Pre-award costs.

(1) PHMSA expects the recipient to be fully aware that pre-award costs result in borrowing against future support and that such borrowing must not impair the recipient's ability to accomplish the activities in the approved period of performance.

(2) A recipient may, at its own risk, incur pre-award costs to cover costs up to 90 days before the beginning date of the initial period of performance.

(3) The incurrence of pre-award costs in anticipation of a competitive or non-competitive grant imposes no obligation on PHMSA under any circumstances, including in the event of:

(i) The absence of appropriations;

(ii) A grant is not subsequently being made; or

(iii) A grant being made for a lesser amount than the recipient anticipated.

(b) Payments may not be made for activities not approved in the grant agreement. If a recipient seeks additional grant funds, the supplemental amendment request will be evaluated on the basis of needs, performance, and availability of grant funds. An existing grant is not a commitment of future funding.

[84 FR 4000, Feb. 14, 2019]