49 CFR § 1182.5 - Comments.


(a) Comments concerning an application must be received by the Board within 45 days after notice of the application is published, as provided by 49 U.S.C. 14303(d). Failure to file a timely comment waives further participation in the proceeding. If no comments are filed opposing the application, the published tentative grant of authority will automatically become effective at the close of the comment period. A tentative grant of authority does not entitle the applicant to consummate the transaction before the end of the comment period.

(b) A comment shall be verified, as provided in 49 CFR 1182.8(e), and shall contain all information upon which the commenter intends to rely, including the grounds for any opposition to the transaction and the commenter's interest in the proceeding.

(c) The docket number of the application must be conspicuously placed at the top of the first page of the comment.

(d) A copy of the comment shall be delivered concurrently to applicants' representative(s).