49 CFR § 1542.211 - Identification systems.

§ 1542.211 Identification systems.

(a) Personnel identification system. The personnel identification system under §§ 1542.201(b)(3) and 1542.205(b)(1) must include the following:

(1) Personnel identification media that -

(i) Convey a full-face image, full name, employer, and identification number of the individual to whom the identification medium is issued;

(ii) Indicate clearly the scope of the individual's access and movement privileges;

(iii) Indicate clearly an expiration date; and

(iv) Are of sufficient size and appearance as to be readily observable for challenge purposes.

(2) Procedures to ensure that each individual in the secured area or SIDA continuously displays the identification medium issued to that individual on the outermost garment above waist level, or is under escort.

(3) Procedures to ensure accountability through the following:

(i) Retrieving expired identification media and media of persons who no longer have unescorted access authority.

(ii) Reporting lost or stolen identification media.

(iii) Securing unissued identification media stock and supplies.

(iv) Auditing the system at a minimum of once a year or sooner, as necessary, to ensure the integrity and accountability of all identification media.

(v) As specified in the security program, revalidate the identification system or reissue identification media if a portion of all issued, unexpired identification media are lost, stolen, or otherwise unaccounted for, including identification media that are combined with access media.

(vi) Ensure that only one identification medium is issued to an individual at a time, except for personnel who are employed with more than one company and require additional identification media to carry out employment duties. A replacement identification medium may only be issued if an individual declares in writing that the medium has been lost, stolen, or destroyed.

(b) Temporary identification media. Each airport operator may issue personnel identification media in accordance with its security program to persons whose duties are expected to be temporary. The temporary identification media system must include procedures and methods to -

(1) Retrieve temporary identification media;

(2) Authorize the use of a temporary media for a limited time only;

(3) Ensure that temporary media are distinct from other identification media and clearly display an expiration date; and

(4) Ensure that any identification media also being used as an access media meet the criteria of § 1542.207(d).

(c) Airport-approved identification media. TSA may approve an amendment to the airport security program that provides for the use of identification media meeting the criteria of this section that are issued by entities other than the airport operator, as described in the security program.

(d) Challenge program. Each airport operator must establish and carry out a challenge program that requires each individual who has authorized unescorted access to secured areas and SIDA's to ascertain the authority of any individual who is not displaying an identification medium authorizing the individual to be present in the area. The challenge program must include procedures to challenge individuals not displaying airport approved identification media. The procedure must -

(1) Apply uniformly in secured areas, SIDAs, and exclusive areas;

(2) Describe how to challenge an individual directly or report any individual not visibly displaying an authorized identification medium, including procedures to notify the appropriate authority; and

(3) Describe support of challenge procedures, including law enforcement and any other responses to reports of individuals not displaying authorized identification media.

(e) Escorting. Each airport operator must establish and implement procedures for escorting individuals who do not have unescorted access authority to a secured area or SIDA that -

(1) Ensure that only individuals with unescorted access authority are permitted to escort;

(2) Ensure that the escorted individuals are continuously accompanied or monitored while within the secured area or SIDA in a manner sufficient to identify whether the escorted individual is engaged in activities other than those for which escorted access was granted, and to take action in accordance with the airport security program;

(3) Identify what action is to be taken by the escort, or other authorized individual, should individuals under escort engage in activities other than those for which access was granted;

(4) Prescribe law enforcement support for escort procedures; and

(5) Ensure that individuals escorted into a sterile area without being screened under § 1544.201 of this chapter remain under escort until they exit the sterile area, or submit to screening pursuant to § 1544.201 or § 1546.201 of this chapter.

(f) Effective date. The identification systems described in this section must be implemented by each airport operator not later than November 14, 2003.

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