49 CFR § 1548.17 - Known shipper program.

§ 1548.17 Known shipper program.

This section applies to cargo that an indirect air carrier offers to an aircraft operator operating under a full program under § 1544.101(a) of this chapter, or to a foreign air carrier operating under § 1546.101(a) or (b) of this chapter.

(a) For cargo to be loaded on aircraft in the United States, each indirect air carrier must have and carry out a known shipper program in accordance with its security program. The program must—

(1) Determine the shipper's validity and integrity as provided in its security program;

(2) Provide that the indirect air carrier will separate known shipper cargo from unknown shipper cargo.

(b) When required by TSA, each indirect air carrier must submit to TSA, in a form and manner acceptable to TSA—

(1) Information identified in its security program regarding an applicant to be a known shipper or a known shipper; and

(2) Corrections and updates of this information upon learning of a change to the information specified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section.

[71 FR 30516, May 26, 2006]