49 CFR § 1552.1 - Scope and definitions.

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§ 1552.1 Scope and definitions.

(a) Scope. This subpart applies to flight schools that provide instruction under 49 U.S.C. Subtitle VII, Part A, in the operation of aircraft or aircraft simulators, and individuals who apply to obtain such instruction or who receive such instruction.

(b) Definitions. As used in this part:

Aircraft simulator means a flight simulator or flight training device, as those terms are defined at 14 CFR 61.1.

Alien means any person not a citizen or national of the United States.

Candidate means an alien or other individual designated by TSA who applies for flight training or recurrent training. It does not include an individual endorsed by the Department of Defense for flight training.

Day means a day from Monday through Friday, including State and local holi days but not Federal holi days, for any time period less than 11 days specified in this part. For any time period greater than 11 days, day means calendar day.

Demonstration flight for marketing purposes means a flight for the purpose of demonstrating an aircraft's or aircraft simulator's capabilities or characteristics to a potential purchaser, or to an agent of a potential purchaser, of the aircraft or simulator, including an acceptance flight after an aircraft manufacturer delivers an aircraft to a purchaser.

Flight school means any pilot school, flight training center, air carrier flight training facility, or flight instructor certificated under 14 CFR part 61, 121, 135, 141, or 142; or any other person or entity that provides instruction under 49 U.S.C. Subtitle VII, Part A, in the operation of any aircraft or aircraft simulator.

Flight training means instruction received from a flight school in an aircraft or aircraft simulator. Flight training does not include recurrent training, ground training, a demonstration flight for marketing purposes, or any military training provided by the Department of Defense, the U.S. Coast Guard, or an entity under contract with the Department of Defense or U.S. Coast Guard.

Ground training means classroom or computer-based instruction in the operation of aircraft, aircraft systems, or cockpit procedures. Ground training does not include instruction in an aircraft simulator.

National of the United States means a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States, and includes a citizen of American Samoa or Swains Island.

Recurrent training means periodic training required under 14 CFR part 61, 121,125, 135, or Subpart K of part 91. Recurrent training does not include training that would enable a candidate who has a certificate or type rating for a particular aircraft to receive a certificate or type rating for another aircraft.