49 CFR § 173.160 - Bombs, smoke, non-explosive (corrosive).

§ 173.160 Bombs, smoke, non-explosive (corrosive).

Bombs, smoke, non-explosive may be shipped provided they are without ignition elements, bursting charges, detonating fuses or other explosive components. They must be packaged in metal (4A, 4B, 4N), wooden (4C1, 4C2), plywood (4D), or reconstituted wood (4F), fiberboard (4G) or solid plastic (4H2) boxes, or metal (1A2, 1B2, 1N2), plastic (1H2), plywood drums (1D), or fiber (1G) drums that meet Packing Group II requirements.

[78 FR 1085, Jan. 7, 2013]

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