49 CFR § 173.305 - Charging of cylinders with a mixture of compressed gas and other material.

§ 173.305 Charging of cylinders with a mixture of compressed gas and other material.

(a) Detailed requirements. A mixture of a compressed gas and any other material must be shipped as a compressed gas if the mixture is a compressed gas as designated in § 173.115 and when not in violation of § 173.301(a).

(b) Filling limits. (See § 173.301.) For mixtures, the liquid portion of the liquefied compressed gas at 131 °F. plus any additional liquid or solid must not completely fill the container.

(c) Nonpoisonous and nonflammable mixtures. Mixtures containing compressed gas or gases including insecticides, which mixtures are nonpoisonous and nonflammable under this part must be shipped in cylinders as prescribed in § 173.304(a) or as follows:

(1) Specification 2P (§ 178.33 of this subchapter). Inside metal containers equipped with safety relief devices of a type examined by the Bureau of Explosives and approved by the Associate Administrator, and packed in strong wooden or fiber boxes of such design as to protect valves from damage or accidental functioning under conditions incident to transportation. Pressure in the container may not exceed 85 psia at 70 °F. Each completed metal container filled for shipment must be heated until content reaches a minimum temperature of 130 °F., without evidence of leakage, distortion or other defect. Each outside shipping container must be plainly marked “INSIDE CONTAINERS COMPLY WITH PRESCRIBED SPECIFICATIONS.”

(2) [Reserved]

(d) Poisonous mixtures. A mixture containing any poisonous material (Division 6.1 or 2.3) in such proportions that the mixture would be classed as poisonous under § 173.115 or § 173.132 must be shipped in packagings as authorized for these poisonous materials.

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