49 CFR § 173.311 - Metal hydride storage systems.

§ 173.311 Metal hydride storage systems.

The following packing instruction is applicable to transportable UN Metal hydride storage systems (UN3468) with pressure receptacles not exceeding 150 liters (40 gallons) in water capacity and having a maximum developed pressure not exceeding 25 MPa. Metal hydride storage systems must be designed, constructed, initially inspected and tested in accordance with ISO 16111 (IBR, see § 171.7 of this subchapter) as authorized under § 178.71(m) of this subchapter. Steel pressure receptacles or composite pressure receptacles with steel liners must be marked in accordance with § 173.301b(f) of this part which specifies that a steel UN pressure receptacle bearing an “H” mark must be used for hydrogen bearing gases or other gases that may cause hydrogen embrittlement. Requalification intervals must be no more than every five years as specified in § 180.207 of this subchapter in accordance with the requalification procedures prescribed in ISO 16111.

[76 FR 3381, Jan. 19, 2011, as amended at 76 FR 82178, Dec. 30, 2011]