49 CFR § 173.41 - Sampling and testing program for unrefined petroleum-based products.

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§ 173.41 Sampling and testing program for unrefined petroleum-based products.

(a) General. Unrefined petroleum-based products offered for transportation must be properly classed and described as prescribed in § 173.22, in accordance with a sampling and testing program, which specifies at a minimum:

(1) A frequency of sampling and testing that accounts for any appreciable variability of the material (e.g., history, temperature, method of extraction [including chemical use], location of extraction, time of year, length of time between shipments);

(2) Sampling prior to the initial offering of the material for transportation and when changes that may affect the properties of the material occur (i.e., mixing of the material from multiple sources, or further processing and then subsequent transportation);

(3) Sampling methods that ensure a representative sample of the entire mixture, as offered, is collected;

(4) Testing methods that enable classification of the material under the HMR;

(5) Quality control measures for sample frequencies;

(6) Duplicate sampling methods or equivalent measures for quality assurance;

(7) Criteria for modifying the sampling and testing program; and

(8) Testing or other appropriate methods used to identify properties of the mixture relevant to packaging requirements (e.g., compatibility with packaging, identifying specific gravity for filling packages).

(b) Certification. Each person who offers a hazardous material for transportation shall certify, as prescribed by § 172.204 of this subchapter, that the material is offered for transportation in accordance with this subchapter, including the requirements prescribed by paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Documentation, retention, review, and dissemination of program. The sampling and testing program must be documented in writing (i.e. hardcopy or electronic file thereof) and must be retained for as long as the sampling and testing program remains in effect, or a minimum of one year. The sampling and testing program must be reviewed at least annually and revised and/or updated as necessary to reflect changed circumstances. The most recent version of the sampling and testing program must be available to the employees who are responsible for implementing it. When the sampling and testing program is updated or revised, all employees responsible for implementing it must be notified, and the most recent version must be made available.

(d) Access by DOT to program documentation. Each person required to develop and implement a sampling and testing program must maintain a copy of the sampling and testing program documentation (or an electronic file thereof) that is accessible at, or through, its principal place of business, and must make the documentation available upon request at a reasonable time and location to an authorized official of the Department of Transportation.

[80 FR 26746, May 8, 2015]