49 CFR § 174.26 - Notice to train crews.

§ 174.26 Notice to train crews.

(a) The train crew must have a document that reflects the current position in the train of each rail car containing a hazardous material. The train crew must update the document to indicate changes in the placement of a rail car within the train. For example, the train crew may update the document by handwriting on it or by appending or attaching another document to it.

(b) A member of the crew of a train transporting a hazardous material must have a copy of a document for the hazardous material being transported showing the information required by part 172 of this subchapter, including the requirements in § 172.604(b) applicable to emergency response information.

[Amdt. 174-84, 62 FR 1236, Jan. 8, 1997, as amended at 74 FR 53423, Oct. 19, 2009]

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