49 CFR § 176.52 - Rejections of shipments in violation.

§ 176.52 Rejections of shipments in violation.

(a) A carrier may not knowingly transport by vessel any hazardous material offered under a false or deceptive name, marking, invoice, shipping paper or other declaration, or without the shipper furnishing written information about the true nature of the material at the time of delivery.

(b) If a shipment in violation is found in transit, the master of the vessel shall adopt procedures which in his judgment provide maximum safety to the vessel, its passengers and its crew and which are in compliance with § 176.45. If the vessel is in port, the material may not be delivered to any party, and the master shall immediately notify the nearest Captain of the Port and request instructions for disposition of the material.

[Amdt. 176-1, 41 FR 16110, Apr. 15, 1976, as amended by Amdt. 176-1B, 41 FR 57072, Dec. 30, 1976]