49 CFR § 176.65 - Alternative stowage procedures.

§ 176.65 Alternative stowage procedures.

When a hazardous material is to be loaded on board a vessel and it is shown to the satisfaction of the Coast Guard Captain of the Port for the place where the vessel is being loaded that it is impracticable to comply with a stowage location requirement specified in the § 172.101 table of this subchapter or a segregation, handling or stowage requirement specified in this part, the Captain of the Port may authorize in writing the use of an alternative stowage location or method of segregation, handling or stowage subject to such conditions as he finds will insure a level of safety at least equal to that afforded by the regulatory requirement concerned.

[Amdt. 176-30, 55 FR 52689, Dec. 21, 1990]