49 CFR § 179.200-9 - Compartment tanks.

§ 179.200-9 Compartment tanks.

(a) When a tank is divided into compartments, by inserting interior heads, interior heads must be inserted in accordance with AAR Specifications for Tank Cars, appendix E, E7.00 (IBR, see § 171.7 of this subchapter), and must comply with the requirements specified in § 179.201–1. Voids between compartment heads must be provided with at least one tapped drain hole at their lowest point, and a tapped hole at the top of the tank. The top hole must be closed, and the bottom hole may be closed, with not less than three-fourths inch and not more than 1 1/2-inch solid pipe plugs having NPT threads.

(b) When the tank is divided into compartments by constructing each compartment as a separate tank, these tanks shall be joined together by a cylinder made of plate, having a thickness not less than that required for the tank shell and applied to the outside surface of tank head flanges. The cylinder shall fit the straight flange portion of the compartment tank head tightly. The cylinder shall contact the head flange for a distance of at least two times the plate thickness, or a minimum of 1 inch, whichever is greater. The cylinder shall be joined to the head flange by a full fillet weld. Distance from head seam to cylinder shall not be less than 1 1/2 inches or three times the plate thickness, whichever is greater. Voids created by the space between heads of tanks joined together to form a compartment tank shall be provided with a tapped drain hole at their lowest point and a tapped hole at top of tank. The top hole shall be closed and the bottom hole may be closed with solid pipe plugs not less than 3/4 inch nor more than 1 1/2 inches having NPT threads.

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