49 CFR § 179.400-18 - Test of inner tank.

§ 179.400-18 Test of inner tank.

(a) After all items to be welded to the inner tank have been welded in place, the inner tank must be pressure tested at the test pressure prescribed in § 179.401–1. The temperature of the pressurizing medium may not exceed 38 °C (100 °F) during the test. The inner tank must hold the prescribed pressure for a period of not less than ten minutes without leakage or distortion. In a pneumatic test, due regard for the protection of all personnel should be taken because of the potential hazard involved. After a hydrostatic test the container and piping must be emptied of all water and purged of all water vapor.

(b) Caulking of welded joints to stop leaks developed during the test is prohibited. Repairs to welded joints must be made as prescribed in AAR Specifications for Tank Cars, appendix W (IBR, see § 171.7 of this subchapter).

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