49 CFR § 179.500-3 - Type and general requirements.

§ 179.500-3 Type and general requirements.

(a) Tanks built under this specification shall be hollow forged or drawn in one piece. Forged tanks shall be machined inside and outside before ends are necked-down and, after necking-down, the ends shall be machined to size on the ends and outside diameter. Machining not necessary on inside or outside of seamless steel tubing, but required on ends after necking-down.

(b) For tanks made in foreign countries, chemical analysis of material and all tests as specified must be carried out within the limits of the United States under supervision of a competent and disinterested inspector; in addition to which, provisions in § 179.500–18 (b) and (c) shall be carried out at the point of manufacture by a recognized inspection bureau with principal office in the United States.

(c) The term “marked end” and “marked test pressure” used throughout this specification are defined as follows:

(1) “Marked end” is that end of the tank on which marks prescribed in § 179.500–17 are stamped.

(2) “Marked test pressure” is that pressure in psig which is indicated by the figures substituted for the **** in the marking DOT-107A **** stamped on the marked end of tank.

(d) The gas pressure at 130 °F in the tank shall not exceed 7/10 of the marked test pressure of the tank.

[Amdt. 179–32, 48 FR 27708, June 16, 1983, as amended at 66 FR 45186, 45391, Aug. 28, 2001]