49 CFR § 179.500-8 - Openings in tanks.

§ 179.500-8 Openings in tanks.

(a) Each end shall be closed by a cover made of forged steel. Covers shall be secured to ends of tank by through bolts or studs not entering interior of tank. Covers shall be of a thickness sufficient to meet test requirements of § 179.500–12 and to compensate for the openings closed by attachments prescribed herein.

(1) It is also provided that each end may be closed by internal threading to accommodate an approved fitting. The internal threads as well as the threads on fittings for these openings shall be clean cut, even, without checks, and tapped to gauge. Taper threads are required and shall be of a length not less than as specified for American Standard taper pipe threads. External threading of an approved type shall be permissible on the internal threaded ends.

(b) Joints between covers and ends and between cover and attachments shall be of approved form and made tight against vapor or liquid leakage by means of a confined gasket of suitable material.