49 CFR § 190.213 - Final order.

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§ 190.213 Final order.

(a) In an enforcement proceeding commenced under § 190.207, an attorney from the Office of Chief Counsel prepares a recommended decision after expiration of the 30-day response period prescribed in § 190.208. If a hearing is held, the Presiding Official prepares the recommended decision as set forth in § 190.211. The recommended decision is forwarded to the Associate Administrator who considers the case file and issues a final order. The final order includes—

(1) A statement of findings and determinations on all material issues, including a determination as to whether each alleged violation has been proved;

(2) If a civil penalty is assessed, the amount of the penalty and the procedures for payment of the penalty, provided that the assessed civil penalty may not exceed the penalty proposed in the notice of probable violation; and

(3) If a compliance order is issued, a statement of the actions required to be taken by the respondent and the time by which such actions must be accomplished.

(b) In cases where a substantial delay is expected in the issuance of a final order, notice of that fact and the date by which it is expected that action will be taken is provided to the respondent upon request and whenever practicable.

[Amdt. 190-16, 78 FR 58911, Sept. 25, 2013]