49 CFR § 192.163 - Compressor stations: Design and construction.

§ 192.163 Compressor stations: Design and construction.

(a) Location of compressor building. Except for a compressor building on a platform located offshore or in inland navigable waters, each main compressor building of a compressor station must be located on property under the control of the operator. It must be far enough away from adjacent property, not under control of the operator, to minimize the possibility of fire being communicated to the compressor building from structures on adjacent property. There must be enough open space around the main compressor building to allow the free movement of fire-fighting equipment.

(b) Building construction. Each building on a compressor station site must be made of noncombustible materials if it contains either -

(1) Pipe more than 2 inches (51 millimeters) in diameter that is carrying gas under pressure; or

(2) Gas handling equipment other than gas utilization equipment used for domestic purposes.

(c) Exits. Each operating floor of a main compressor building must have at least two separated and unobstructed exits located so as to provide a convenient possibility of escape and an unobstructed passage to a place of safety. Each door latch on an exit must be of a type which can be readily opened from the inside without a key. Each swinging door located in an exterior wall must be mounted to swing outward.

(d) Fenced areas. Each fence around a compressor station must have at least two gates located so as to provide a convenient opportunity for escape to a place of safety, or have other facilities affording a similarly convenient exit from the area. Each gate located within 200 feet (61 meters) of any compressor plant building must open outward and, when occupied, must be openable from the inside without a key.

(e) Electrical facilities. Electrical equipment and wiring installed in compressor stations must conform to the NFPA-70, so far as that code is applicable.

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