49 CFR § 192.503 - General requirements.

§ 192.503 General requirements.

(a) No person may operate a new segment of pipeline, or return to service a segment of pipeline that has been relocated or replaced, until -

(1) It has been tested in accordance with this subpart and § 192.619 to substantiate the maximum allowable operating pressure; and

(2) Each potentially hazardous leak has been located and eliminated.

(b) The test medium must be liquid, air, natural gas, or inert gas that is -

(1) Compatible with the material of which the pipeline is constructed;

(2) Relatively free of sedimentary materials; and

(3) Except for natural gas, nonflammable.

(c) Except as provided in § 192.505(a), if air, natural gas, or inert gas is used as the test medium, the following maximum hoop stress limitations apply:

Class location Maximum hoop stress allowed as percentage of SMYS
Natural gas Air or inert gas
1 80 80
2 30 75
3 30 50
4 30 40

(d) Each joint used to tie in a test segment of pipeline is excepted from the specific test requirements of this subpart, but each non-welded joint must be leak tested at not less than its operating pressure.

(e) If a component other than pipe is the only item being replaced or added to a pipeline, a strength test after installation is not required, if the manufacturer of the component certifies that:

(1) The component was tested to at least the pressure required for the pipeline to which it is being added;

(2) The component was manufactured under a quality control system that ensures that each item manufactured is at least equal in strength to a prototype and that the prototype was tested to at least the pressure required for the pipeline to which it is being added; or

(3) The component carries a pressure rating established through applicable ASME/ANSI, Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc. (MSS) specifications, or by unit strength calculations as described in § 192.143.

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