49 CFR § 192.919 - What must be in the baseline assessment plan?

§ 192.919 What must be in the baseline assessment plan?

An operator must include each of the following elements in its written baseline assessment plan:

(a) Identification of the potential threats to each covered pipeline segment and the information supporting the threat identification. (See § 192.917.);

(b) The methods selected to assess the integrity of the line pipe, including an explanation of why the assessment method was selected to address the identified threats to each covered segment. The integrity assessment method an operator uses must be based on the threats identified to the covered segment. (See § 192.917.) More than one method may be required to address all the threats to the covered pipeline segment;

(c) A schedule for completing the integrity assessment of all covered segments, including risk factors considered in establishing the assessment schedule;

(d) If applicable, a direct assessment plan that meets the requirements of §§ 192.923, and depending on the threat to be addressed, of § 192.925, § 192.927, or § 192.929; and

(e) A procedure to ensure that the baseline assessment is being conducted in a manner that minimizes environmental and safety risks.