49 CFR § 193.2304 - Corrosion control overview.

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§ 193.2304 Corrosion control overview.

(a) Subject to paragraph (b) of this section, components may not be constructed, repaired, replaced, or significantly altered until a person qualified under § 193.2707(c) reviews the applicable design drawings and materials specifications from a corrosion control viewpoint and determines that the materials involved will not impair the safety or reliability of the component or any associated components.

(b) The repair, replacement, or significant alteration of components must be reviewed only if the action to be taken—

(1) Involves a change in the original materials specified;

(2) Is due to a failure caused by corrosion; or

(3) Is occasioned by inspection revealing a significant deterioration of the component due to corrosion.

[Amdt. 193-2, 45 FR 70404, Oct. 23, 1980]