49 CFR § 193.2441 - Control center.

§ 193.2441 Control center.

Each LNG plant must have a control center from which operations and warning devices are monitored as required by this part. A control center must have the following capabilities and characteristics:

(a) It must be located apart or protected from other LNG facilities so that it is operational during a controllable emergency.

(b) Each remotely actuated control system and each automatic shutdown control system required by this part must be operable from the control center.

(c) Each control center must have personnel in continuous attendance while any of the components under its control are in operation, unless the control is being performed from another control center which has personnel in continuous attendance.

(d) If more than one control center is located at an LNG Plant, each control center must have more than one means of communication with each other center.

(e) Each control center must have a means of communicating a warning of hazardous conditions to other locations within the plant frequented by personnel.