49 CFR § 193.2903 - Security procedures.

§ 193.2903 Security procedures.

Each operator shall prepare and follow one or more manuals of written procedures to provide security for each LNG plant. The procedures must be available at the plant in accordance with § 193.2017 and include at least:

(a) A description and schedule of security inspections and patrols performed in accordance with § 193.2913;

(b) A list of security personnel positions or responsibilities utilized at the LNG plant;

(c) A brief description of the duties associated with each security personnel position or responsibility;

(d) Instructions for actions to be taken, including notification of other appropriate plant personnel and law enforcement officials, when there is any indication of an actual or attempted breach of security;

(e) Methods for determining which persons are allowed access to the LNG plant;

(f) Positive identification of all persons entering the plant and on the plant, including methods at least as effective as picture badges; and

(g) Liaison with local law enforcement officials to keep them informed about current security procedures under this section.