49 CFR § 195.509 - General.

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§ 195.509 General.

(a) Operators must have a written qualification program by April 27, 2001. The program must be available for review by the Administrator or by a state agency participating under 49 U.S.C. Chapter 601 if the program is under the authority of that state agency.

(b) Operators must complete the qualification of individuals performing covered tasks by October 28, 2002.

(c) Work performance history review may be used as a sole evaluation method for individuals who were performing a covered task prior to October 26, 1999.

(d) After October 28, 2002, work performance history may not be used as a sole evaluation method.

(e) After December 16, 2004, observation of on-the-job performance may not be used as the sole method of evaluation.

[Amdt. 195-67, 64 FR 46866, Aug. 27, 1999, as amended by Amdt. 195-72, 66 FR 43524, Aug. 20, 2001; Amdt. 195-84, 70 FR 10336, Mar. 3, 2005]

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