49 CFR § 195.55 - Reporting safety-related conditions.

§ 195.55 Reporting safety-related conditions.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, each operator shall report in accordance with § 195.56 the existence of any of the following safety-related conditions involving pipelines in service:

(1) General corrosion that has reduced the wall thickness to less than that required for the maximum operating pressure, and localized corrosion pitting to a degree where leakage might result.

(2) Unintended movement or abnormal loading of a pipeline by environmental causes, such as an earthquake, landslide, or flood, that impairs its serviceability.

(3) Any material defect or physical damage that impairs the serviceability of a pipeline.

(4) Any malfunction or operating error that causes the pressure of a pipeline to rise above 110 percent of its maximum operating pressure.

(5) A leak in a pipeline that constitutes an emergency.

(6) Any safety-related condition that could lead to an imminent hazard and causes (either directly or indirectly by remedial action of the operator), for purposes other than abandonment, a 20 percent or more reduction in operating pressure or shutdown of operation of a pipeline.

(b) A report is not required for any safety-related condition that—

(1) Exists on a pipeline that is more than 220 yards (200 meters) from any building intended for human occupancy or outdoor place of assembly, except that reports are required for conditions within the right-of-way of an active railroad, paved road, street, or highway, or that occur offshore or at onshore locations where a loss of hazardous liquid could reasonably be expected to pollute any stream, river, lake, reservoir, or other body of water;

(2) Is an accident that is required to be reported under § 195.50 or results in such an accident before the deadline for filing the safety-related condition report; or

(3) Is corrected by repair or replacement in accordance with applicable safety standards before the deadline for filing the safety-related condition report, except that reports are required for all conditions under paragraph (a)(1) of this section other than localized corrosion pitting on an effectively coated and cathodically protected pipeline.

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