49 CFR § 209.319 - Prehearing conference.

§ 209.319 Prehearing conference.

(a) The parties shall confer with the presiding officer, either in person or by telephone, for a conference at least 10 days before the hearing to consider:

(1) Formulation and simplification of the issues;

(2) Stipulations, admissions of fact, and admissions of the contents and authenticity of documents;

(3) Advance rulings from the presiding officer on the admissibility of evidence;

(4) Identification of witnesses, including the scope of their testimony, and of hearing exhibits;

(5) Possibility of settlement; and

(6) Such other matters as the presiding officer deems necessary to expedite the disposition of the proceeding.

(b) The record shall show the matters disposed of by order and by agreement in such a prehearing conference. The subsequent course of the hearing shall be controlled by such action.

(c) The prehearing conference shall be held within 150 days after receipt of respondent's request for a hearing under § 209.311.