49 CFR § 212.105 - Agreements.

§ 212.105 Agreements.

(a) Scope. The principal method by which States may participate in investigative and surveillance activities is by agreement with FRA. An agreement may delegate investigative and surveillance authority with respect to all or any part of the Federal railroad safety laws.

(b) Duration. An agreement may be for a fixed term or for an indefinite duration.

(c) Amendments. An agreement may be amended to expand or contract its scope by consent of FRA and the State.

(d) Common terms. Each agreement entered into under this section provides that:

(1) The State agency is delegated certain specified authority with respect to investigative and surveillance activities;

(2) The delgation is effective only to the extent it is carried out through personnel recognized by the State and the FRA (pursuant to subpart C of this part) to be qualified to perform the particular investigative and surveillance activities to which the personnel are assigned; and

(3) The State agency agrees to provide the capability necessary to assure coverage of facilities, equipment, and operating practices through planned routine compliance inspections for all, or a specified part of, the territory of the State.

(e) Request for agreement. A request for agreement shall contain the following information:

(1) An opinion of the counsel for the State agency stating that:

(i) The agency has jurisdiction over the safety practices of the facilities, equipment, rolling stock, and operations of railroads in that State and whether the agency has jurisdiction over shippers and manufacturers;

(ii) The agency has the authority and capability to conduct investigative and surveillance activities in connection with the rules, regulations, orders, and standards issued by the Administrator under the Federal railroad safety laws; and

(iii) State funds may be used for this purpose.

(2) A statement that the State agency has been furnished a copy of each Federal safety statute, rule, regulation, order, or standard pertinent to the State's participation;

(3) The names of the railroads operating in the State together with the number of miles of main and branch lines operated by each railroad in the State;

(4) The name, title and telephone number of the person designated by the agency to coordinate the program; and

(5) A description of the organization, programs, and functions of the agency with respect to railroad safety.

(f) Developmental agreement. Consistent with national program requirements, the Associate Administrator may enter into an agreement under this section prior to the qualification of inspection personnel of the State under subpart C of this part. In such a case, the agreement shall (1) specify the date at which the State will assume investigative and surveillance duties, and (2) refer to any undertaking by the FRA to provide training for State inspection personnel, including a schedule for the training courses that will be made available.

(g) Action on request. The Associate Administrator responds to a request for agreement by entering into an agreement based on the request, by declining the request, or by suggesting modifications.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2130-0509)
[47 FR 41051, Sept. 16, 1982, as amended at 57 FR 28115, June 24, 1992]

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