49 CFR § 217.4 - Definitions.

§ 217.4 Definitions.

As used in this part -

Associate Administrator for Safety means the Associate Administrator for Safety of the Federal Railroad Administration or that person's delegate as designated in writing.

Class I,Class II, and Class III have the meaning assigned by regulations of the Interstate Commerce Commission (49 CFR part 1201; General Instructions 1-1), as those regulations may be revised and applied by order of the Commission (including modifications in class thresholds based revenue deflator adjustments).

Division headquarters means the location designated by the railroad where a high-level operating manager (e.g., a superintendent, division manager, or equivalent), who has jurisdiction over a portion of the railroad, has an office.

FRA means the Federal Railroad Administration.

Qualified means that a person has successfully completed all instruction, training, and examination programs required by the railroad and this part and that the person, therefore, has actual knowledge or may reasonably be expected to have knowledge of the subject on which the person is expected to be competent.

System headquarters means the location designated by the railroad as the general office for the railroad system.

[59 FR 43070, Aug. 22, 1994, as amended at 73 FR 8496, Feb. 13, 2008]

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