49 CFR § 224.5 - Definitions.

§ 224.5 Definitions.

Administrator means the Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration or the Administrator's delegate.

Associate Administrator means the Associate Administrator for Safety, Federal Railroad Administration, or the Associate Administrator's delegate.

Damaged means scratched, broken, chipped, peeled, or delaminated.

Flat car means a car having a flat floor or deck on the underframe with no sides, ends or roof (including spine cars, articulated and mult-unit intermodal cars).

Freight rolling stock means:

(1) Any locomotive subject to part 229 of this chapter used to haul or switch freight cars (whether in revenue or work train service); and

(2) Any railroad freight car (whether used in revenue or work train service).

Freight rolling stock owner means any person who owns freight rolling stock, is a lessee of freight rolling stock, manages the maintenance or use of freight rolling stock on behalf of an owner or one or more lessors or lessees, or otherwise controls the maintenance or use of freight rolling stock.

Locomotive has the meaning assigned by § 229.5 of this chapter, but for purposes of this part applies only to a locomotive used in the transportation of freight or the operation of a work train.

Obscured means concealed or hidden (i.e., covered up, as where a layer of paint or dense chemical residue blocks all incoming light); this term does not refer to ordinary accumulations of dirt, grime, or ice resulting from the normal railroad operating environment.

Person means an entity of any type covered under 1 U.S.C. 1, including but not limited to the following: A railroad; a manager, supervisor, official, or other employee or agent of a railroad; any owner, manufacturer, lessor, or lessee of railroad equipment, track or facilities; any independent contractor providing goods or services to a railroad; and any employee of such an owner, manufacturer, lessor, lessee, or independent contractor.

Railroad means all forms of non-highway ground transportation that run on rails or electromagnetic guideways, including high speed ground transportation systems that connect metropolitan areas, without regard to whether they use new technologies not associated with traditional railroads.

Railroad freight car has the meaning assigned by § 215.5 of this chapter.

Tank car means a rail car, the body of which consists of a tank for transporting liquids.

Universal Machine Language Equipment Register means the database containing information on rail equipment maintained by the Association of American Railroads.

Unqualified Retroreflective Sheeting means engineering grade sheeting, super engineering grade sheeting (enclosed lens) or high-intensity type sheeting (ASTM Type I, II, III, or IV Sheeting) as described in ASTM International Standard D-4956-04, “Standard Specification for Retroreflective Sheeting for Traffic Control.”

Work train means a non-revenue service train used for the maintenance and upkeep service of the railroad.