49 CFR 229.33 - Out-of-use credit.

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§ 229.33 Out-of-use credit.

When a locomotive is out of use for 30 or more consecutive days or is out of use when it is due for any test or inspection required by § 229.23, § 229.25, § 229.27, § 229.29, or § 229.31, an out-of-use notation showing the number of out-of-use days shall be made on an inspection line on Form FRA F 6180-49A. A supervisory employee of the carrier who is responsible for the locomotive shall attest to the notation. If the locomotive is out of use for one or more periods of at least 30 consecutive days each, the interval prescribed for any test or inspection under this part may be extended by the number of days in each period the locomotive is out of use since the last test or inspection in question. A movement made in accordance with § 229.9 is not a use for purposes of determining the period of the out-of-use credit.