49 CFR 229.49 - Main reservoir system.

§ 229.49 Main reservoir system.


(1) The main reservoir system of each locomotive shall be equipped with at least one safety valve that shall prevent an accumulation of pressure of more than 15 pounds per square inch above the maximum working air pressure fixed by the chief mechanical officer of the carrier operating the locomotive.

(2) Except for non-equipped MU locomotives built prior to January 1, 1981, each locomotive that has a pneumatically actuated system of power controls shall be equipped with a separate reservoir of air under pressure to be used for operating those power controls. The reservoir shall be provided with means to automatically prevent the loss of pressure in the event of a failure of main air pressure, have storage capacity for not less than three complete operating cycles of control equipment and be located where it is not exposed to damage.

(b) A governor shall be provided that stops and starts or unloads and loads the air compressor within 5 pounds per square inch above or below the maximum working air pressure fixed by the carrier.

(c) Each compressor governor used in connection with the automatic air brake system shall be adjusted so that the compressor will start when the main reservoir pressure is not less than 15 pounds per square inch above the maximum brake pipe pressure fixed by the carrier and will not stop the compressor until the reservoir pressure has increased at least 10 pounds.