49 CFR § 383.93 - Endorsements.

§ 383.93 Endorsements.

(a) General.

(1) In addition to passing the knowledge and skills tests described in subpart G of this part, all persons who operate or expect to operate the type(s) of motor vehicles described in paragraph (b) of this section must pass specialized tests to obtain each endorsement. The State shall issue CDL endorsements only to drivers who successfully complete the tests.

(2) The only endorsements allowed on a CLP are the following:

(i) Passenger (P);

(ii) School bus (S); and

(iii) Tank vehicle (N).

(3) The State must use the codes listed in § 383.153 when placing endorsements on a CLP or CDL.

(b) Endorsement descriptions. An operator must obtain State-issued endorsements to his/her CDL to operate commercial motor vehicles which are:

(1) Double/triple trailers;

(2) Passenger vehicles;

(3) Tank vehicles;

(4) Used to transport hazardous materials as defined in § 383.5; or

(5) School buses.

(c) Endorsement testing requirements. The following tests are required for the endorsements contained in paragraph (b) of this section:

(1) Double/Triple Trailers—a knowledge test;

(2) Passenger—a knowledge and a skills test;

(3) Tank vehicle—a knowledge test;

(4) Hazardous Materials—a knowledge test; and

(5) School bus—a knowledge and a skills test.

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