49 CFR § 385.915 - Petitions for rescission.

§ 385.915 Petitions for rescission.

(a) A motor carrier or intervening person may submit a petition for rescission of an order suspending or revoking registration under this subpart based on action taken to correct the deficiencies that resulted in the suspension or revocation.

(b) A petition for rescission must be made in writing to the Agency Official.

(c) A petition for rescission must include a copy of the order suspending or revoking the motor carrier's registration, a factual statement identifying all corrective action taken, and copies of supporting documentation.

(d) The Agency Official will issue a written decision on the petition within 60 days of service of the petition. The decision will state the factual and legal basis for the decision.

(e) If the Agency Official grants the petition, the written decision under paragraph (d) is the Final Agency Order. Rescinding an order suspending a motor carrier's registration permits that motor carrier to resume operations so long as it is in compliance with all other statutory and regulatory requirements. Rescinding an order revoking a motor carrier's registration does not have the effect of reinstating the revoked registration. In order to resume operations in interstate commerce, the motor carrier whose registration was revoked must reapply for registration. If registration is granted, the motor carrier would also become subject to the new entrant regulations at 49 CFR part 385.

(f) If the Agency Official denies the petition, the petitioner may petition the Assistant Administrator for review of the denial. The petition must be in writing and served on the Assistant Administrator. Service on the Assistant Administrator is effected by delivering a copy to USDOT Dockets, Docket Operations, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, West Building Ground Floor, Room 12-140 SE., Washington, DC 20590-0001 or by submitting the documents electronically to www.regulations.gov. The petition must also be served on all parties to the proceedings and on Adjudications Counsel, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE., Washington, DC 20590-0001. The petition for review of the denial must be served within 15 days of the service of the decision denying the petition for rescission. The petition for review must identify the legal, factual or procedural issues in dispute with respect to the denial of the petition for rescission. The petition for review may not, however, challenge the basis of the underlying suspension or revocation order.

(g) The Agency Official may file a written response within 15 days of receipt of the petition for review.

(h) The Assistant Administrator will issue a written decision on the petition for review within 60 days of service of the petition for review or a timely served response, whichever is later. The Assistant Administrator's decision constitutes the Final Agency Order.

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