49 CFR § 387.323T - Electronic filing of surety bonds, trust fund agreements, certificates of insurance and cancellations.

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§ 387.323T Electronic filing of surety bonds, trust fund agreements, certificates of insurance and cancellations.

(a) Insurers may, at their option and in accordance with the requirements and procedures set forth in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section, file forms BMC 34, BMC 35, BMC 36, BMC 82, BMC 83, BMC 84, BMC 85, BMC 91, and BMC 91X electronically, in lieu of using the prescribed printed forms.

(b) Each insurer must obtain authorization to file electronically by registering with the FMCSA. An individual account number and password for computer access will be issued to each registered insurer.

(c) Filings may be transmitted online via the internet at: https://li-public.fmcsa.dot.gov or via American Standard Code Information Interchange (ASCII). All ASCII transmission must be in fixed format, i.e., all records must have the same number of fields and same length. The record layouts for ASCII electronic transactions are described in the following table:

Electronic Insurance Filing Transactions

Field name Number of
Description Required
F = filing
C = cancel
B = both
Start field End field
Record type 1 Numeric 1 = Filing, 2 = Cancellation B 1 1
Insurer number 8 Text FMCSA Assigned Insurer Number (Home Office) With Suffix (Issuing Office), If Different, e.g., 12345-01 B 2 9
Filing type 1 Numeric 1 = BI&PD, 2 = Cargo, 3 = Bond, 4 = Trust Fund B 10 10
FMCSA docket number 8 Text FMCSA Assigned MC or FF Number, e.g., MC000045 B 11 18
Insured legal name 120 Text Legal Name B 19 138
Insured d/b/a name 60 Text Doing Business As Name If Different From Legal Name B 139 198
Insured address 35 Text Either street or mailing address B 199 233
Insured city 30 Text B 234 263
Insured state 2 Text B 264 265
Insured zip code 9 Numeric (Do not include dash if using 9 digit code) B 266 274
Insured country 2 Text (Will default to U.S.) B 275 276
Form code 10 Text BMC-91, BMC-91X, BMC-34, BMC-35, etc B 277 286
Full, primary or excess coverage 1 Text If BMC-91X, P or E = indicator of primary or excess policy; 1 = Full under § 387.303T(b)(1); 2 = Full under § 387.303T(b)(2) F 287 287
Limit of liability 5 Numeric $ in Thousands F 288 292
Underlying limit of liability 5 Numeric $ in Thousands (will default to $000 if Primary) F 293 297
Effective date 8 Text MM/DD/YY Format for both Filing or Cancellation B 298 305
Policy number 25 Text Surety companies may enter bond number B 306 330

(d) All registered insurers agree to furnish upon request to the FMCSA a duplicate original of any policy (or policies) and all endorsements, surety bond, trust fund agreement, or other filing.

[82 FR 5308, Jan. 17, 2017, as amended at 86 FR 57072, Oct. 14, 2021]